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Sebastian County was formed on January 6, 1851, from parts of Crawford, Scott and Polk counties and was named for William K. Sebastian, a Judge, State Senator and U.S. Senator from Arkansas. The landscape of Sebastian County is rolling farmlands, forested ridges, isolated mountains and lakes. The county seats are Fort Smith and Greenwood. The economic base is strong and diversified with manufacturing, service industries, timber, agriculture (beef, dairy, spinach, turnip greens). A strong oriental community brings a variety of influences, businesses and restaurants. The Westark Community College offers a four-year degree through the University of Arkansas. Fort Smith’s arts center, community theater, and symphony further enrich the cultural life of the area. The stately limestone courthouse in Ft. Smith, which contains 254 rooms, houses early history of the county. Among several markers on the courthouse grounds is a statue of a Confederate soldier, on top of a pedestal nearly three stories tall that stands with its back toward a national cemetery a few blocks away from where it was originally planned to stand. The United States Secretary of War at the time refused to consent to the words “Lest we forget.” The Confederate veterans and citizens who raised funds to erect the monument would not agree to the omission, and the statue was placed on the courthouse lawn. The Greenwood Courthouse, a more modern structure, is a living part of the community. On April 19, 1968, this building’s predecessor shared the fate of much of the rest of this county seat when it was demolished by a tornado. A bronze plaque on the present building demonstrates the determination of county residents with the words “This building embodies the continuous spirit of Sebastian County as its courthouses have risen from ashes and other disasters since the county was created in 1851.” The flag of the City of Greenwood is flown along with the Arkansas and American flags in front of the courthouse.


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