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Jackson County was formed on November 5, 1829, from part of Independence County. It was named for Andrew Jackson, then first-term president of the United States. Newport is the county seat. The County Seat has been changed five times. Litchfield (1831) Elizabeth (1839), Augusta (1852), Jacksonport (1854) and Newport (1892). The landscape of Jackson County is rich delta farmland in the north, central, and south and rolling hills in the extreme western part. The economy of the county is agricultural, chiefly, rice, soybeans, corn, milo, beef cattle, and catfish. Other industries, aluminum, wood products, manufactured goods and food processing are active. The White River, running across the southwestern part of the county, is one of the premier trout streams in the South. The Black River forms the western boundary and offers good cat fishing. The Wildlife Management Area, with acres of bottomland shared by four other counties, offers hunting that is popular to this area. In June each year a port fest, Rollin’ on the River Festival, is held and has been recognized as one of the top 100 festivals in the nation. Family fun and entertainment abound. Many tourists visit this area each year.


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